Pure Joy Exclusive Brands is glad to introduce on the Benelux market a set of exclusive brands carefully selected for their innovative and unique design. These brands tease your senses for beauty. These are emotional and sensual brands committed to excellence and quality through craftsmanship. But beyond their character, they allow full personalization in size, colors and finishes, working for seating with client's fabrics or even customize the comfort, some brands release also limited editions like for furniture. Each object exhales your personality and is truly unique, just like you!

As a lover of the glass blowing, I am proud to present you also a fine selection of luxury home glass and chandeliers fully customizable from some of the best Glassmakers.

Are you interested? Do you want to get a quote or have access to the price list? Are you a prescriptor? Shoot us a mail or let's meet because seeing is believing.

BAGNARESI Always close to the fashion world, Manuela Galeati has combined glamor and design skills, creating a brand that brings the world of luxury made in ltaly a taste artisan. Constant research, attention to detail and a strong creativity, are the cornerstones of the brand.

GINGER & JAGGER is a brand for beauty lovers. Ginger & Jagger opens a world of unknown beautiful furniture and unique designs, made of nature's most fascinating forms.

INARCHI creates a line of lighting elements that exist in pure, minimal state, to bring light to more spaces than ever before. The craftsmanship that cumulates into uncluttered designs, unprecedented aesthetic value, and profound functionality.
Simplicity. Beauty.

LUISA PEIXOTO Each piece has two fingerprints, one belonging to the brand, the other that is defined by the imagination of those who acquire it. In the grammar of LuĂ­sa Peixoto Design collections, verbs like feel and live conjugate infinitely. During 20 years, the brand emphasized the purity of the forms of each piece and in its aesthetic concepts, underlining as essential attributes both craftsmanship and emotional relationship with the product.

MANOOI is inspired by the natural light around us. As we design and manufacture custom-made crystal chandeliers our goal is to re-create this harmonious, positive natural light within individual homes and public buildings.

MUNNA believes in timeless design. Combining traditional techniques and creative innovation, Munna is committed to deliver only the highest quality, set out to develop armchairs, loveseats, sofas that never loose their power of amazement and allure. After all, it's all about communicating emotions!